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Custody review: An intense, clever, emotional whodunnit that takes you by surprise

Ambiecka Pandit’s short film is masterfully executed and keeps you hooked till the end....

23 Apr 2021 16:03 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Annapurna: Goddess Of Food review – Forgotten history of the pioneering khanawalis of Mumbai

Directed by Paromita Vohra and T Jayashree, the 1995 short documentary shines a light on the Mahila...

16 Mar 2021 13:12 IST — Sonal Pandya

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The White Tiger review: Adarsh Gourav dominates this saga of a dog-eat-dog world

Ramin Bahrani has adapted the Aravind Adiga novel for the big screen capably, though the largely as...

23 Jan 2021 15:30 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Behind The Bhangra Boys review: Conquering hearts and spreading love through dance

The film highlights the honesty, candour and sheer determination of this group of five young to...

21 Nov 2020 17:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Son Rise review: Champions of change in the fight for women’s rights

Vibha Bakshi's eye-opening documentary delves into gender violence and injustice while...

06 Nov 2020 9:00 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Atmanirbhar review: A joyous affirmation of feminine self-determination

Lijin Jose's short film was made for a 50-hour filmmaking contest on the theme 'Brave...

30 Oct 2020 11:00 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Saving Chintu review: Well-intentioned but far from effective

The short film, which is being screened at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, addresses the of...

28 Oct 2020 11:00 IST — Sonal Pandya

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A Suitable Boy review: Weighty period drama saved by opulent production design and winsome performances

Netflix series' writer Andrew Davies and co-director Mira Nair adapt Vikram Seth’s 1993...

25 Oct 2020 9:30 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Evil Eye review: An underwhelming, unoriginal thriller

Produced by Blumhouse and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the film tries to incorporate too many themes such...

14 Oct 2020 19:05 IST — Suyog Zore

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Stray Dolls review: Moody drama headlined by Geetanjali Thapa’s strong performance

Sonejuhi Sinha’s directorial debut in feature filmmaking has a distinctive style and flair but...

25 Aug 2020 16:07 IST — Sonal Pandya

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Padmavyuha review: Plodding attempt to understand Hinduism in all its complexity

Raj Krishna's debut short film ends up obfuscating its own intentions in a half-baked of faith...

18 Aug 2020 17:52 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Detour review: Charming snippet on finding solace in unexpected places

Starring Vikrant Massey and Sayani Gupta, the short film conveys the hope that is rekindled as...

07 Aug 2020 19:37 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Take 2 review: Shallow exploration of the reigniting of relationships

Though the short film has its heart in the right place, it offers contrived solutions in this a...

06 Aug 2020 15:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Shot In Bombay review: Reality is stranger than fiction in this film about the mad, tangled world of 'Bollywood'

Liz Mermin's documentary takes us behind the scenes on a fascinating journey through commercial...

29 Jul 2020 16:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Colour Palette Of A Soldier review: Colours and metaphors are more potent than words in this film on war

Director Souradeep Datta’s experimental short film depicts the futility of war and the choices...

23 Jul 2020 17:00 IST — Roushni Sarkar

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Dandekar Makes A Sandwich review: Heartwarming film about old age and forging new relationships

The short, starring Brian George, is part of a virtual showcase of films made available for viewers...

28 Jun 2020 7:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Dots review: This experimental film holds your attention with engaging dialogues and interesting characters

Despite its short duration, Dots, directed by Shilpa Krishnan Shukla, addresses with sincerity like...

22 Jun 2020 0:08 IST — Suyog Zore

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What Are The Odds? review: Sweet, surreal coming-of-age journey that goes nowhere

Megha Ramaswamy's feature feels like a whimsical short story that throws up some unexpected and...

20 May 2020 21:04 IST — Shriram Iyengar

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Awake review: Rumination on the death of relationships

The short film by Atul Mongia is currently available for viewing as part of the MAMI Year Round...

15 May 2020 7:30 IST — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Bala review: Satyajit Ray profiles the great Bharat Natyam dancer Balasaraswati in all her glory

The 33 minute documentary gives an apt introduction to the Indian dance form and one of its most...

04 May 2020 15:35 IST — Sonal Pandya