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Review Tamil

Hara Hara Mahadevaki review: This 'A' rated Gautham Karthik film is a laugh riot

Director Santhosh P Jayakumar comes up with a naughty entertainer that is funny, but full of...

27 Sep 2017 13:28 IST — Manigandan KR

Review Tamil

Aayirathil Iruvar review: Leaves you frustrated and fuming

The film's story has so many twists and turns in it, that it is bound to leave its audiences a a...

23 Sep 2017 16:00 IST — Manigandan KR

Review Tamil

Bayama Irruku review: Director Jawahar's debut film a fear-inducing, fun-filled entertainer

This horror-comedy with no big stars is actually the best Tamil entertainer to hit screens this...

23 Sep 2017 14:45 IST — Manigandan KR

Review Hindi

Bhoomi review: A stale take on the rape and revenge saga

Sanjay Dutt is powerful, but his comeback film is laced with cliches and predictable plot points....

22 Sep 2017 15:20 IST — Suparna Thombare

Review Hindi

Haseena Parkar review: Shraddha Kapoor is miscast in this pointless underworld saga

The biopic on the late sister of Dawood Ibrahim makes you wonder — what was the need to tell...

22 Sep 2017 11:21 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Marathi

Anaan film review: A bold but muddled narrative on gender identity

Director Rajesh Kushte attempts to tackle a taboo subject boldly and sensitively but not...

21 Sep 2017 21:00 IST — Suparna Thombare

Review Marathi

Nadi Vahate review: Too boring to make a change

Shwaas director Sandeep Sawant's latest project flows without proper direction and often...

20 Sep 2017 16:48 IST — Blessy Chettiar

Review Hindi

Newton review: Rajkummar, Pankaj Tripathi excel in superficial triumph of electoral democracy

Director Amit Masurkar’s dark comedy holds up a mirror to the different facets of life in an...

19 Sep 2017 11:13 IST — Mayur Lookhar

Review Hindi

Simran review: Kangana Ranaut's brilliant solo show is not enough here

While the film doesn't hold up, Ranaut's nuanced portrayal of a flawed heroine is worth a...

15 Sep 2017 14:56 IST — Suparna Thombare

Review Hindi

Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi review: This is one wedding everyone should avoid

Sanjay Chhel's film is a struggle to sit through and creates a caricaturish portrayal of a two...

15 Sep 2017 13:32 IST — Shriram Iyengar

Review Tamil

Thupparivaalan review: Must-watch investigative thriller scores on all points

An ace detective tracks down a dreaded criminal, called the Devil, using his enterprising and...

15 Sep 2017 12:23 IST — Manigandan KR

Review Hindi

Lucknow Central Review: The film makes an escape from conviction

The Farhan Akhtar starrer goes onto the unconvincing mode right from the start. ...

15 Sep 2017 11:26 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Marathi

Vitthala Shappath review: This social drama is more of an excuse for a film

The film, directed by Chandrakant Pandharinath Pawar, takes the audience for granted....

14 Sep 2017 15:00 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Marathi

Ubuntu review: Noble intention derailed by preachy treatment

For the entire first half we just see how Master is positively affecting the minds of the keen as we...

14 Sep 2017 13:00 IST — Blessy Chettiar

Review Tamil

Review: Neruppuda isn't hot enough!

Director Ashok Kumar seems to have been unable to pick the right choice in the toss up between a to...

09 Sep 2017 13:59 IST — Manigandan KR

Review Marathi

Boyz review: Enjoyable tale of family bonds and school friendships

Boyz tries to be a lot of things. The film deals with a number of issues — familial bonds, the...

08 Sep 2017 18:43 IST — Blessy Chettiar


Kathanayagan review: This damp squib story is barely convincing

The film is only a shade of the actor's earlier comedy Velainnu Vanthutta Vellakaran...

08 Sep 2017 14:19 IST — Manigandan KR

Review Hindi

Poster Boys review: A madcap desi entertainer

The Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade starrer has enough laughs to keep you entertained for...

08 Sep 2017 11:29 IST — Keyur Seta

Review Hindi

Daddy review: Gripping crime thriller and stoic defence of a convict

Director Ashim Ahluwalia and lead actor Arjun Rampal create a dark, intense biopic that keeps you on...

08 Sep 2017 3:07 IST — Mayur Lookhar

Review Marathi

Tula Kalnnaar Nahi review: This journey is indeed difficult to understand

The film starring Subodh Bhave and Sonalee Kulkarni suffers from poor content. ...

08 Sep 2017 2:15 IST — Keyur Seta