Zapatlela 2

Feature FilmReleased Marathi

Zapatlela 2

Dir.:ected by Mahesh Kothare | Rated: U/A (CBFC) | 2h 0min | 07 Jun 2013


This horror movie is the sequel to Zapatlela (1993). Kubdya is killed by Baba Chamatkar as he forces the baba to revive Tatya Vinchu through the doll that has his soul. But Tatya Vinchu is still resuscitated as a drop of Kubdya's blood falls on the doll and the baba slips into a coma. Tatya Vinchu now wants to find Lakshya's son and migrate into his body. He manages to identify Lakshya’s son Aditya Bolke (Adinath Kothare) in a village fair. Aditya accidentally comes across the doll and takes it home. Will Tatya Vinchu succeed in his plan? Will Aditya be able to bring an end to Tatya Vinchu?

Release Date
07 Jun 2013
Horror, Comedy
Aspect Ratio
2h 0min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Addinath Kothare
as Aditya Bolke
Mahesh Kothare
as Police Commissioner Mahesh Jadhav
Sonalee Kulkarni
as Megha
Sai Tamhankar
as Gauri Wagh
Makarand Anaspure
as Makya
Madhu Kambikar
as Aditya's Grandmother
Directed by
Mahesh Kothare
Written by
Ashok Patole, Mahesh Kothare,
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