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Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Umrao Jaan

It is 1840 in Oudh, and Amiran, a young and beautiful girl, is kidnapped by Dilawar Khan, her neighbour, who sells her to a brothel owned by Madam Khanum Jaan. Amiran is trained as a courtesan, and becomes a skilled performer and erudite conversationalist. She is renamed Umrao Jaan and her beauty and grace captivate the hearts of all those who see her. When she is spotted by the Nawab Sultan, the two fall in love. However, familial obligations force the Nawab to marry someone of a higher status, thus abandoning Umrao Jaan and leaving her devastated. After this, she catches the eye of the dacoit chief Faiz Ali, who charms her and convinces her to run away with him. She does so, hoping that her days as a courtesan will be in her past. However, Faiz Ali is killed in a tussle with the police, and once again, Umrao Jaan is abandoned and must return to her profession. Will she ever escape the clutches of her work and live a dignified life?

Release Date
01 Jan 1981
Sound Mix
2h 25min

Cast and Crew

as Umrao/Amiran
Farooq Shaikh
as Nawab Sultan (as Farouque Shaikh)
Naseeruddin Shah
as Gohar Mirza
Raj Babbar
as Faiz Ali
Shaukat Kaifi
as Khanum Jaan
Ishtiaque Khan Ghilzai
as (as Khan Ghilzai)
Directed by
Muzaffar Ali
Written by
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