Feature FilmReleased Marathi


Dir.:ected by Shantanu Ranganekar | 2h 15min | 21 Aug 2015


Aparna (Ritika Shrotri), a girl appearing for her 12th standard exams, and her family move into a new neighbourhood. Hruday stays right across the street with his Ajoba, or grandfather (Dilip Prabhavalkar), and maternal uncle and aunt. He falls head over heels in love with Aparna but is unable to express his feelings. His supportive Ajoba gives him tips to win her heart. However, Sushil, a boy from the same school, convinces Aparna and her parents that Hruday has wrong intentions. The family moves away from the neighbourhood and a heartbroken Hruday is unable to prove his innocence. Years later, he comes across Aparna again. What will be the fate of his love?<br />

Release Date
21 Aug 2015
2h 15min

Cast and Crew

Shantanu Ranganekar
as Hriday
Ritika Shrotri
as Aparna
Dilip Prabhavalkar
as Ajoba
Usha Nadkarni
as Aaji
Mangesh Desai
as Mama
Madhavi Soman
Directed by
Shantanu Ranganekar
Written by
Ruturaj Dhalgade,
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