Shaukeen Kaminay

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Shaukeen Kaminay

Rated: A (CBFC) | 1h 57min | 03 Jun 2016


Shaukeen Kaminay is the story of three friends who spend all their time drinking and finding new women to sleep with. One day, they make an oath to ensure that all of them will only marry a virgin bride, despite having indulged in multiple relations themselves. They take a trip to Naariganj where they take part in the tradition of a ‘one night marriage’. Along the way they come to some important realisations about the worth of a woman and change as people.

Release Date
03 Jun 2016
Aspect Ratio
1h 57min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Narendra Tiwari
as Som
Kartik Gaur
as Hardik
Sahil Garg
as Sunny
Vanshika Gupta
as Sonali
Yasmin Pathan
as Divya
Pramod Shukla
as Phundru
Written by
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