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Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon

Due to deepening marital tensions Jamuna (Veena) decides to leave her husband Colonel Mahendranath (Wasti) and secretly takes her son Mohan (Joy Mukherjee) and disappears from her husband&amp;rsquo;s life. The distraught father adopts his friend&amp;rsquo;s daughter Mona (Asha Parekh) and raises her as his own child. Years later, Mohan meets Mona and the two of them fall in love. But the Colonel wants her to marry Difu (Rajendranath), who belongs to a very wealthy family. Meanwhile, the devious Mr. Kapoor (Krishan Dhawan) takes Ramesh (Pran) to the Colonel claiming him to be Mohan. He convinces the Colonel that Jamuna is dead and she wished for Mohan to marry Mona. Jamuna will now have to come out of hiding and reopen the unpleasant past to save her son&amp;rsquo;s love.<br /> The film was Nasir Hussain&amp;rsquo;s second production and was a big box-office hit. The memorable songs are remembered for OP Nayyar&amp;rsquo;s melodies and Majrooh Sultanpuri&amp;rsquo;s lyrics.<br />

Release Date

Cast and Crew

Joy Mukherjee
as Mohan
Asha Parekh
as Mona
Rajendra Nath
as Difu (as Rajendranath)
as Jamuna
as Mona's Friend
Directed by
Nasir Husain
Written by
Nasir Husain,
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