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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Soumya Nadkarni (Nisha Bens), a science student, has wealthy parents Anirudh (Shivaji Satam) and Suhasini (Reema Lagoo). Soumya's appendix was removed in childhood and ever since she has been afraid of surgical needles. Yet, she decides to donate blood as her boyfriend Ninad Kamat (Sunil Barve) plans to participate in a blood donation drive. Later, she falls seriously ill and has fever for as long as two months. Her parents discover that she is HIV-positive. Soumya, however, insists on marrying Ninad. Will she be able to lead a normal life at all?

Release Date
28 Jul 2000
Drama, Romance
Sound Mix
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Shivaji Satam
as Anirudh Nadkarni
Reema Lagoo
as Suhasini A. 'Suhas' Nadkarni
Sunil Barve
as Ninad S. Kamat
Nisha Bens
as Soumya A. Nadkarni
Dilip Prabhavalkar
as Shrikant Kamat
Shama Deshpande
as Veena S. Kamat
Directed by
Mahesh Manjrekar
Written by
Mahesh Manjrekar,
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