Main Khiladi Tu Anari

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Main Khiladi Tu Anari

Dir.:ected by Sameer Malkan | Rated: U/A (CBFC) | 2h 55min | 23 Sep 1994

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Arjun Joglekar (Mukesh Khanna) is a brave, honest, tough police officer, who lives in Bombay with his wife (Beena), a teenage sister Shivangi (Rageshwari) and younger brother Karan Joglekar (Akshay Kumar), who is also a police officer. During an investigation Arjun is killed by Goli (Shakti Kapoor), an underworld don. Karan vows to avenge his brother's death but is unable to save the only witness to the murder, Mona (Shilpa Shetty). Broken and dejected, he comes across actor Deepak Kumar (Saif Ali Khan), a big movie star, who wants to change his image. Deepak wants to play Karan Joglekar in a film but Karan is immersed in his investigation and detests the interference. They nonetheless strike a deal and help each other out.

Release Date
23 Sep 1994
Action, Comedy
Sound Mix
2h 55min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Akshay Kumar
as Police Inspector Karan Joglekar
Saif Ali Khan
as Deepak Kumar
Shilpa Shetty
as Mona / Basanti
as Shivangi (as Rageshwari)
Shakti Kapoor
as Goli
Mukesh Khanna
as Police Inspector Arjun Joglekar
Directed by
Sameer Malkan
Written by
Sachin Bhowmick,
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