Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Dir.:ected by D.N. Pai | 1947


Naresh, scion of a wealthy family and a great scholar, owns an institution that is bringing out different versions of the Mahabharata in different languages. Mrs Lal, also a patron of the arts, has founded an art institution called Kala Bhawan. She has a beloved daughter, Indira, whom she hopes to marry off to Naresh. Mrs Lal stages the play Shakuntala with the help of Naresh. Leela, a student at Kala Bhavan, is hard done by and fails to get a role in the play. With her vulnerabilities, she manages to convince Naresh to help her out and appears to be a success in the rehearsals. However, Mrs Lal finds out that Naresh was manipulated by Leela to get the role. Leela is driven out of the hostel and not allowed to play the role. Helpless and deeply affected by the misery of Leela, Naresh makes his best efforts to get her a role in a play in Vidya Mandir. Soon they fall in love. Back in his village, while attending a celebration, Naresh confesses his love for Leela to his mother. Although she has Indira in her mind to be her daughter-in-law, she receives Leela with warmth as she makes a sudden appearance. Leela comes to know that their marriage will bring ill fortune to Naresh and she disppears. Does love win against fate?

Release Date
Black and White
Sound Mix

Cast and Crew

Leela Mishra
Directed by
D.N. Pai
Written by
Gyan Mukerjee,
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