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Laal Rang

Dir.:ected by Zoya Akhtar | Rated: A (CBFC) | 2h 36m | 15 July 2011

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Laal Rang Story

All Rajesh wants to do is impress his classmate, the beautiful Poonam, so that she will be his girlfriend. And to achieve that, he’s willing to do anything it’ll take. But Poonam has her heart set on a man who can make all her material desires come true, and doesn't even acknowledge Rajesh. That is, until he comes across Shankar, a man with a broken heart and nothing to lose. Shankar runs an illegal blood bank and makes a lot of money, which Rajesh wants in on. Once he's established himself, he confronts Poonam with his new found cash and grabs her interest. However, her greed is never satiated. How far is Rajesh willing to go for a woman who clearly loves what’s in his wallet more than what’s in his heart?