Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Dir.:ected by Gyan Mukerjee | 2h 23min | 09 Jan 1943


A thief. A performer. Debt. Love.<br /> Shekhar (Ashok Kumar), a masterful pickpocket, has recently been released from jail but has no intention of giving up thievery. He steals an old, priceless watch. By sheer coincidence, he runs into the poor, old man whose watch it was. Feeling sympathetic, Shekhar takes the old man to see Rani (Mumtaz Shanti) perform live &amp;ndash; the old man&amp;rsquo;s greatest desire. Turns out that the current owner of the theatre, Indrajit, was earlier the old man&amp;rsquo;s employee, and Rani is the old man&amp;rsquo;s daughter. The old man is indebted to Indrajit, so he flees before the performance ends. However, Rani had spotted him with Shekhar, who remains seated till the end of the show. Shekhar lives in Rani&amp;rsquo;s house as a paying guest, and discovers Rani&amp;rsquo;s growing financial problems. How will Rani bounce back and pay off her father&amp;rsquo;s debts? Will Shekhar come up with a plan?

Release Date
09 Jan 1943
Black and White
Sound Mix
2h 23min

Cast and Crew

Ashok Kumar
as Shekhar / Madan
Mumtaz Shanti
as Rani
Shah Nawaz
as Inspector Saahab
Chandra Prabha
as Leela
V.H. Desai
as Baanke
Directed by
Gyan Mukerjee
Written by
Gyan Mukerjee,
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