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Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Hum Hain Wonder Boys

The unparalleled patriotism of four boys finds itself put to test when a dangerous terrorist plans to bring destruction to the country. Amidst their attempts to foil these plans, they embark on a journey of friendship, love, and sacrifice. They also discover a number of issues facing the underprivileged communities of India, and try to fix them as well. Are their efforts enough to get rid of not one, but several evils, that threaten the happiness of the country?

Release Date
08 Apr 2016

Cast and Crew

Sunil Tripathi
as Som
Rahul Dayma
as Mangal
Bablu Jaunpuri
as Budh
Raj Chauhan
as Ravi
Harshit Patel
as Raju
Neha Shri
as Sneha
Directed by
Anil S. Mehta
Written by
S.K. Amrit
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