Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Dir.:ected by Prayag Raj, Manmohan Desai | Rated: U (CBFC) | 2h 57min | 02 Dec 1983


Zafar (Kader Khan) is a wealthy businessman who falls in love with Salma (Waheeda Rehman) and wishes to marry her. However, both she and her father refuse the match. Zafar is imprisoned for ten years for various crimes and on his release; he learns that Salma is married. Enraged, he wreaks havoc on the village and Salma is injured and separated from her husband and son Iqbal (Amitabh Bachchan) in the chaos. Zafar saves Salma and takes her to a hospital where he learns that she has lost her memory. He takes advantage of this and pretends that she is his wife. He even adopts a child Sunny (Rishi Kapoor). Years pass by and Iqbal grows up to be a coolie who fights for the rights of his fellow man. In one incident, Iqbal comes across the devious Zafar and must hold his ground.

Release Date
02 Dec 1983
Action, Comedy, Drama
2h 57min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Amitabh Bachchan
as Iqbal A. Khan
Waheeda Rehman
as Salma
Rishi Kapoor
as Sunny
Rati Agnihotri
as Julie D'Costa
Shoma Anand
as Deepa Iyengar
Suresh Oberoi
as Vicky Puri
Directed by
Prayag Raj, Manmohan Desai
Written by
K.K. Shukla,
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