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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Malti Agarwal is a bright 19-year-old student in Delhi whose future is derailed when a jilted lover has acid thrown on her face in a marketplace. The attack disfigures her for life and throws her family in turmoil. With the support of her father’s employer, Shiraz Aunty, and her lawyer, Archana Bajaj, Malti takes slow but sure steps towards justice and recovery. The long process involves several trips to the courts, where her case against her attacker Babbu aka Bashir drags on, and she goes under the knife several times to reconstruct her face. As she strives for a normal life, Malti takes on the bigger fight of banning the sale of acid in the country. She later takes up a job at an NGO called Chhaya, led by Amol Dwivedi, where she finds purpose as an activist providing support to other acid-attack survivors.

Cinestaan Review: 4/4

Release Date
10 Jan 2020
Thriller, Biography, Social
Aspect Ratio
2h 0min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Deepika Padukone
as Malti
Vikrant Massey
as Amol
Ankit Bisht
as Rajesh
Delzad Hiwale
as Malti's Brother
Madhurjeet Sarghi
as Archana Bajaj
Vaibhavi Upadhyay
as Meenakshi
Directed by
Meghna Gulzar
Written by
Atika Chohan, Meghna Gulzar,
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