Chal Mere Bhai

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Chal Mere Bhai

Dir.:ected by David Dhawan | Rated: U (CBFC) | 05 May 2000


Vicky and Prem are two brothers pursuing different goals but the same woman. While Vicky is a successful businessman, handling the intricacies of his flourishing family business, the handsome Prem aspires to be an actor. Sapna is hired as Vicky's secretary, but despite her inexperience, her wit and dedication win hearts. Her initial blunders anger Vicky, but when she shows great presence of mind in tackling a nasty situation, the family welcomes her warmly and treats her like a daughter. It is then that Prem finds himself falling in love with Sapna, a sentiment she reciprocates fondly. However, the family has arranged her marriage to Vicky, seeing them as the perfect couple. This puts Sapna in a spot. Whom will she choose? Can the brothers ever reconcile?

Release Date
05 May 2000
Action, Comedy, Romance
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Sanjay Dutt
as Vicky Oberoi
Salman Khan
as Prem Oberoi
Karisma Kapoor
as Sapna
Dalip Tahil
as Balraj Oberoi
Sushma Seth
as Vicky & Prem's Grandmother
Shakti Kapoor
as Sapna's Uncle
Directed by
David Dhawan
Written by
Yunus Sajawal,
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