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Dir.:ected by Hardik Gajjar | Rated: U (CBFC) | 22 Oct 2021

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Bhavai is set in the 1980s. A drama company arrives in a small village in Gujarat to perform the Ram Leela (re-enactment of the traditional epic Ramayana) during Navratri. Rajaram Joshi (Pratik Gandhi) is excited since he had always wanted to be an actor.<br /> Rajaram is employed at a small flour mill at the behest of his father, a priest. He quits the job and starts trying to grab a role in the Ram Leela. As luck would have it, he lands the role of Ravana, the villain in the story. This angers his father (Rajendra Gupta) who thinks it shameful for a priest's son to play a demon. But Rajaram pays no heed as the art of acting means everything to him.<br /> In the course of the rehearsals, Rajaram falls in love with Rani (Aindrita Ray), who plays Sita in the show. But there are obstacles in his path as he has to face a litmus test regarding his passion for the art and his love for Rani.

Cinestaan Review: 2/4

Release Date
22 Oct 2021
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Pratik Gandhi
as Raja Ram Joshi
Aindrita Ray
as Rani
Ankur Bhatia
Abhimanyu Singh
Rajesh Sharma
Ankur Vikal
Directed by
Hardik Gajjar
Written by
Hardik Gajjar, Shreyas Anil Lowlekar,
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