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Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Beti No.1

Durga Devi is disappointed that her married sons, Ram and Laxman, have only daughters, and declares that all her wealth will go to the grandson who, she hopes, her last-born, Bharat, will sire. Bharat falls in love with Priya, a poor girl. Bharat’s father gives them money so they can marry without Durga Devi finding out. When the matriarch discovers the deceit all hell breaks loose. Priya is abused and forced to do the household chores instead of being treated as a member of the family. When Priya becomes pregnant, an astrologer foretells that her child will bring immense happiness to the family. The family takes this to mean she will bear a son. But it turns out that she, too, is carrying a daughter. How long can Priya and Bharat keep this knowledge from the fiery Durga Devi?

Release Date
10 Nov 2000
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

as Bharat
as Priya
Aruna Irani
as Durgadevi
Prem Chopra
as Dashrath
Johnny Lever
as Mulayamchand
Ashok Saraf
as Ram
Directed by
T. Rama Rao
Written by
Santosh Saroj
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