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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Arun Varma (Rajesh Khanna) is an air force officer who falls in love with Vandana (Sharmila Tagore). They get married secretly, but Arun dies in an air crash, leaving Vandana devastated. Worse, she is pregnant. As she has not been officially married, Vandana's family disowns her. Her father dies, leaving her with no place to go. With no options left, Vandana gives her son up for adoption to a couple, and stays on with them as the boy's nanny. The boy grows up to become extremely fond of her. When Vandana goes to jail for a murder that her son (Rajesh Khanna again) had committed, he finally realizes the extent of his love for her.

Release Date
27 Sep 1969
Romance, Drama
2h 49min

Cast and Crew

Sharmila Tagore
as Vandhana Tripathi
Rajesh Khanna
as Double Role (Arun / Suraj Prasad Saxena)
Sujit Kumar
as Madan Verma
Pahari Sanyal
as Gopal Tripathi
Anita Dutt
as Mrs. Prasad Saxena
Abhi Bhattacharya
as Ram Prasad Saxena (Man in the silhouette
Directed by
Shakti Samanta
Written by
Sachin Bhowmick,
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