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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Rajkumar Saxena (Raj Kapoor) is an impoverished advocate living in Lucknow. When he goes to complain about the shabby condition of his apartment, the landlord’s daughter tells him to first pay the outstanding rent. Rajkumar approaches her father who agrees to fix the apartment and also allows him to stay free. The landlord also invites him for the birthday party of his daughter Roop (Nargis). Rajkumar sings a song at the party and impresses Roop who invites him to dine with them. But before that, Rajkumar has to fight a case for a courtesan called Mohini (also Nargis). Rajkumar is surprised by the resemblance between Mohini and Roop and mentions this at the dinner. Roop’s father receives a shock. He is rushed to hospital, where he dies. Roop claims Mohini to be her sister. Mohini decides to sue Roop, but the latter welcomes her to share her estate. The relationship between the three begins to get complicated because of the budding romantic interest between Rajkumar and Roop.

Release Date
Drama, Romance, Thriller
Black and White
Sound Mix
2h 35min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

as Roop H. Singh / Mohinibai
Raj Kapoor
as Advocate Rajkumar Saxena
as Vidyasagar
as Munshi Ji
Badri Prasad
as Thakur Harnam Singh
Janki Dass
as Harnam's Munnim
Directed by
K.A. Abbas
Written by
K.A. Abbas, V.P. Sathe, Mohsin Abdullah,
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