Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Dir.:ected by Hrishikesh Mukherjee | 2h 46min | 16 Jan 1959


Raj Kumar (Raj Kapoor) is hunting for a job but his sincerity keeps getting in the way and he is unable to pay the rent to his rude but kind landlady Mrs D’Sa (Lalita Pawar). Once he chances upon a wallet stuffed with cash and returns it to the owner. Impressed by his honesty, the man, Ramnath (Motilal), a business magnate, employs Raj Kumar in his office. Meanwhile, Raj Kumar meets and falls in love with Asha (Nutan), a maidservant in Ramnath's household. However, he is distressed when he eventually discovers that Asha is actually Ramnath’s daughter Arati. Raj Kumar tries to distance himself from Arati and confines himself to looking after his ailing landlady. But when Mrs D’Sa dies of poisoning, police arrest Raj Kumar as the suspect.

Release Date
16 Jan 1959
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Black and White
Sound Mix
2h 46min

Cast and Crew

Raj Kapoor
as Raj Kumar
as Aarti Sohanlal
Lalita Pawar
as Mrs. L. D'Sa
Shubha Khote
as Asha
as Kamdhar (Raj Kapoor's co-worker)
Nana Palsikar
as Evil Priest (as Nana Palshikar)
Directed by
Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Written by
Inder Raj Anand
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