An Evening In Paris

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

An Evening In Paris

Dir.:ected by Shakti Samanta | 2h 48min | 31 Oct 1967

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Deepa (Sharmila Tagore) has no luck when it comes to love. After a series of bitter experiences, she is convinced that suitors are only interested in her for her money. She decides to go to the most romantic city in the world, Paris and try her luck at love. In Paris, she meets Shyam (Shammi Kapoor), who takes a liking to her. Wary of his outrageous flirting, she distances herself from him. But one day, he rescues her from the inappropriate advances of Shekhar (Pran), the unscrupulous son of Deepa's business manager. Enraged after being spurned, Shekhar kidnaps Deepa and replaces her with an impostor Suzy (Sharmila Tagore) who works in a nightclub. However, Shyam soon notices the difference between the two women and sets out to rescue Deepa.

Release Date
31 Oct 1967
Action, Drama, Romance
Sound Mix
2h 48min

Cast and Crew

Shammi Kapoor
as Shyam Kumar (Sam) and Hukum Pasha / Deepak
Sharmila Tagore
as Roopa Malik (Suzy) and Deepa Malik
Rajendra Nath
as Sardar Makhan Singh (as Rajendranath)
K. N. Singh
as Jack
Madan Puri
as Shekhar
Directed by
Shakti Samanta
Written by
Ramesh Pant, Sachin Bhowmick,
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