Alam Ara

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Alam Ara

Dir.:ected by Ardeshir Irani | 2h 4min | 14 Mar 1931


The king in Kumarpur has two wives, Dilbahar (Sushila) and Navbahar (Zilloo). Both the wives are constantly at loggerheads with each other, vying for their husband's affection. This conflict is worsened when a fakir predicts that the King's heir will be borne by Navbahar. Hearing this, an outraged Dilbahar attempts to seduce General Adil, (Prithviraj Kapoor) but does not succeed. Shocked and hurt by his rejection, she lashes out by imprisoning General Adil and sending his young daughter Alam Ara (Zubeida) away on exile, but little does she know that the girl will return.

Release Date
14 Mar 1931
Black and White
Sound Mix
2h 4min

Cast and Crew

Master Vithal
as Kamar
as Alam Ara
Prithviraj Kapoor
as General Adil
as Navbahar
as Badshah
Wazir Mohammad Khan
as Fakir
Directed by
Ardeshir Irani
Written by
Ardeshir Irani, Joseph David,
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