Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Dir.:ected by Shashi Kapoor, Gennadi Myasnikov | Rated: U (CBFC) | 2h 58min | 12 Apr 1991

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Sultan Ali Mohammed Doker Khan (Shammi Kapoor) is the benevolent ruler of Baharistan. Vazir (Amrish Puri), worshipper of evil, seeks to usurp the throne and conquer the world with his &amp;lsquo;Falaudi Shaitan&amp;rsquo; (a huge demonic figure of stone). He makes sure the sultan&amp;rsquo;s children are all strangled to death. But divine intervention gifts the sultan a son who is immune to any kind of poison or strangulation attempt. <p>The sultan celebrates the auspicious moment throughout the land. But when he discusses possible traitors with court magician Ameer Baba, Vazir overhears the conversation. He tries to kill the sultan and his family. But the sultan escapes with his child. He eventually goes missing after a stormy battle, but Shehzada, the prince, is swept ashore and rescued by a blacksmith, who brings him up, training him in martial arts.</p> <p>Meanwhile, Vazir captures the throne and inflicts terror throughout the land. Shehzada (Amitabh Bachchan), who has now grown up as Ajooba, along with Ali and Hasan (Rishi Kapoor), resists Vazir&amp;rsquo;s men and plans to expose him. Can Ajooba defeat Vazir, establish his identity and reclaim the throne?</p>

Release Date
12 Apr 1991
Adventure, Fantasy
Sound Mix
2h 58min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Amitabh Bachchan
as Ajooba / Ali
Rishi Kapoor
as Hassan
Dimple Kapadia
as Rukhsana Khan
as Shehzadi Heena
Dara Singh
as Maharaja Karan Singh
Tinnu Anand
as Anwar Khan
Directed by
Shashi Kapoor, Gennadi Myasnikov
Written by
Prayag Raj, Brij Katyal, Bharat B. Bhalla,
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