Ahista Ahista

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Ahista Ahista

Dir.:ected by Esmayeel Shroff | Rated: U (CBFC) | 09 Oct 1981


Courtesan Subbalakshmi (Shashikala) is ecstatic when Sangeeta (Nanda), one of her prostitutes, gives birth to a girl. Sangeeta, however, is distraught thinking of the child's future. Soon they move to a different locality. Sagar (Shammi Kapoor), a neighbour, is mesmerized when Sangeeta plays the sitar at night. The large-hearted Sagar doesn't harbour any distaste when he learns that they are prostitutes. He even welcomes Sangeeta's daughter Chandra in his house, much to his wife's annoyance, and lets her participate in the puja along with his children. Chandra is eventually admitted to school. Sagar's son Kunal (Kunal Kapoor), daughter Divya (Soni Razdan) and Chandra (Padmini Kolhapure) grow up together. Kunal and Chandra grow closer. When Kunal fails in the exams even as Chandra secures good marks, people start spreading rumours about their friendship. Eventually, to his mother's shock, Kunal expresses a desire to marry Chandra. Sagar grants him the freedom to marry anyone he wants. However, a friend of Sagar arrives in his house. When he hears the sitar being played, a memory is awakened and he visits Chandra's home. Kunal peeps through the window and misunderstands the situation between him and Chandra. Who is the man? What does fate have in store for Chandra?

Release Date
09 Oct 1981
Sound Mix
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Shammi Kapoor
as Sagar
as Sangeeta
Padmini Kolhapure
as Chandra
Deven Varma
as Subbalaxmi
Kunal Kapoor
as Kunal
Directed by
Esmayeel Shroff
Written by
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