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Feature FilmReleased Marathi

Aga Bai Arechya 2

Shubhangi Kudalkar (Sonali Kulkarni), lovingly called Shubha, has a strange fate, or so she believes: if she touches the person she is in love with, that person meets with an accident. She derives this conclusion from her experiences. Finding her story interesting, author Vikram (Dharmendra Gohil) meets her to know more about the strange incidents. She narrates all her experiences to Vikram and he starts falling for her. He proposes to her, but she fears losing him to an accident. However, he suggests that they can lead a happy married life without touching each other. She agrees. But will things turn out fine?

Release Date
22 May 2015
Comedy, Romance
Sound Mix
Dolby Digital
Aspect Ratio
2h 10min
Censor Rating

Cast and Crew

Sonali Kulkarni
as Shubhangi Hemant Kudalkar
Dharam Gohil
as Vikram Raghunath Desai
Surabhi Hande
Prasad Oak
as Prahlaad Vasudev Kismise
Bharat Jadhav
as Narendra Keshav Chakve
Madhav Deochake
as Rahul Vasant Deshpande
Directed by
Kedar Shinde
Written by
Omkar Mangesh Datt,
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