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Dir.:ected by Sanjay Khan | 2h 16min | 26 Sep 1980

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Khaleel (Danny Denzongpa) is an outlaw who has struck terror throughout the land. Sheikh Mohammad Al Kamal (Sanjay Khan) is a respected man who wishes to hunt him down; especially after his wife Zainab (Zeenat Aman) gets hurt in an abduction attempt by Khaleel. Abdullah (Raj Kapoor), a religious man, lives in the desert and provides thirsty wayfarers with water from his well. One day, his dear friend Ameer (Sanjeev Kumar) informs him that Khaleel has attacked a nearby settlement and killed everyone, sparing only the pregnant Yashoda (Farida Jalal). Soon, Ameer is killed and a severely injured Yashoda dies after she hands over her son Krishna to Abdullah. Initially hesitant, Abdullah finally takes up the responsibility of bringing up the Hindu boy. A magician informs Khaleel that his death is ordained at the hands of Krishna. Furious, Khaleel sets out to do away with his mortal enemy. As Abdullah stands bravely to resist Khaleel, Sheikh joins hands with him.

Release Date
26 Sep 1980
Action, Drama
Sound Mix
2h 16min

Cast and Crew

Raj Kapoor
as Abdullah
Sanjay Khan
as Emir-e-Rajasthan Sheikh Mohammed Al Qama
Zeenat Aman
as Zainab (Mohammed's wife)
Danny Denzongpa
as Khaleel
Sanjeev Kumar
as Ameer (Special Appearance)
as Ahmed
Directed by
Sanjay Khan
Written by
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