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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Pratap (Abhi Bhattacharya) and Gopal (Raj Kapoor) are the sons of zamindar Amar Singh. Pratap is responsible towards his duties while Gopal is in love with nature and tries to unearth the music hidden in it. Amar Singh wishes to get Pratap married to his friend’s daughter Renuka (Nanda), who secretly pines for Gopal. Pratap, who is in love with Renuka, sends her a necklace through Gopal. Renuka thinks it to be a gift from Gopal; however, in a while, Renuka’s father declares that he has arranged her marriage with Pratap. Desperate, Renuka wishes to profess her love for Gopal. Pratap overhears their conversation and is dejected. For Renuka’s happiness, he arrives drunk on the evening of the engagement, incurring the wrath of his father who throws him out and, to honour his word, fixes Renuka’s marriage with Gopal. Renuka’s sister Preeti (Padmini) arrives with a piano on the occasion of the wedding. As she plays, Gopal senses an instant connection with her. They understand each other’s temperament like no other and a passionate bond forms between the two.

Release Date
Black and White
Sound Mix
2h 30min

Cast and Crew

Raj Kapoor
as Gopal
as Renuka
Abhi Bhattacharya
Leela Chitnis
Raj Mehra
Directed by
Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Written by
Vishwa Mitter Aadil
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