Aan Aur Shaan

Feature FilmReleased Hindi

Aan Aur Shaan

Dir.:ected by Ravi Tandon | 1984


The Thakur family builds a temple for the village. All villagers donate for the idol, but the money is stolen by Ram Singh, brother-in-law of Bade Thakur Uttam Singh (Shammi Kapoor). News of the theft is spread by a shrewd man called Sitaram who also helps Ram Singh to flee the village with his son. Sitaram is hell bent on avenging some old enmity with the Thakur clan. Unable to bear the stain on the family, Uttam Singh sells his mansion and establishes the idol with the money. Uttam Singh, his brother Manjle Thakur and his sister Kaushalya (Nirupa Roy) start life afresh as peasants. <p>Ram Singh moves to the city and becomes rich. His son Vijay (Rishi Kapoor) grows up in luxury. On one of his birthdays, Ram Singh receives the shock of his life when he learns that he will have to sell all his properties. On his deathbed, he tells Vijay that his mother is not dead and she leads a miserable life because of him. He makes Vijay promise to give his mother an honourable life. Vijay sets out to fulfil his promise. Will he be accepted by Uttam Singh, who had vowed never to forgive Ram Singh? How does Vijay achieve his mission?</p>

Release Date

Cast and Crew

Shammi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor
as Vijay
Moushumi Chatterjee
as Radha
Dara Singh
Nirupa Roy
Farida Jalal
Directed by
Ravi Tandon
Written by
Raju Saigal
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