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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Raj Raibahadur (Raj Kapoor) is sent to work at the Saraswati Dam. One day his widowed father comes to meet him and expresses his late mother’s wish to get him married to the daughter of a family friend. Raj embarks on fulfilling his mother’s wish and writes a letter to the young woman, Chandra. While Chandra ignores it, her sister Neelu (Nargis) replies as Chandra. The exchange of letters continues, but Neelu does not disclose the truth and the two eventually fall in love. Disaster strikes, however, when Raj is diagnosed with tuberculosis, the disease which also killed his mother. Raj intentionally starts keeping a distance from Neelu and also encourages her to marry her physician friend. What does fate have in store for Raj? Does Neelu ever learn the reason for the change in Raj’s behaviour?

Release Date
22 Mar 1953
Drama, Romance
Black and White
Sound Mix
2h 30min

Cast and Crew

as Neelu / Chandra / Reshma Rai
Raj Kapoor
as Raj Raibahadur
Vijay Laxmi
as Chandra Rai
as Dr. Kailash
as Carriage Driver
Ramesh Sinha
as Supporting Actor
Directed by
Raja Nawathe
Written by
Inder Raj Anand,
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