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Dir.:ected by Zoya Akhtar | Rated: A (CBFC) | 2h 36m | 15 July 2011

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Aabroo Story

Manish (Deepak Kumar) has received his medical degree abroad and lives with his brother PK Anand (Ashok Kumar) and sister-in-law Tilottama (Nirupa Roy) in Kashmir, awaiting posting at a hospital in Bombay. Nina (Vimmi) comes to Kashmir on holiday and falls in love with Manish. After her holidays, Nina goes to stay with her sister Sharada (Leela Naidu) and brother-in-law Chandrashekhar (Rehman) in Bombay. Sharada and Chandrashekhar are a happy couple, but Sharada is often taunted by her mother-in-law Mrs Verma (Lalita Pawar) for being childless. Sharada entreats her husband to marry again and beget an heir, but in vain. Darwazalal (Jeevan) and Shanta (Shashikala), two relatives, come to stay with Mrs Verma. Darwazalal, aware of Mrs Verma's desire for a grandson, pushes Shanta into the household so that Chandrashekhar gets married to her. But the plot takes a twist when Sharada dies mysteriously. On her deathbed, she makes Nina promise to marry Chandrashekhar.