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Feature FilmReleased Hindi


Hari (Yaqub Khan Mehboob Khan) takes Kunwar (Masud) to a 'kotha' where he is introduced to Shobha (Sitara Devi). The religious Shobha does not want to lead a courtesan's life and refuses to cater to Hari and his friends. Her dignity impresses Kunwar who wishes to rescue and marry her. Shobha fears this may hurt his social standing. Eventually, with Hari's help, she sneaks away and marries Kunwar. But Kunwar's elder brother, influential businessman Dharam Dass (Jagdish), is enraged and insults him. Distressed, Shobha runs away that very night. Homeless, she meets Jeevan (Nazir), a street singer. They start singing and dancing together for a living, and catch the attention of a theatre company. Though unwilling to join the profession, Shobha agrees after Jeevan's entreaties and resolves to seek revenge, battling the powermongers who use their influence to manipulate the position of women in society.

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Black and White