Sep 18 2016

The forgotten dance tracks of Shabana Azmi – Birthday special

by   Mayur Lookhar

Known to be a no-nonsense woman, Shabana Azmi is an internationally acclaimed actress who often got typecast as the queen of  parallel cinema. The seasoned actress, however, had her share of commercial films, complete with song and dance sequences. As Azmi turns a year older today (18 September), we take a look at some of her popular song and dance tracks.

1 Aadhi Sachchi Aadhi Jhooti – Fakira (1976)

A classic melody, exotic locales, two lovers and freestlye dancing, Shabana Azmi surprised her fans with her thumkas, in western attire.

2 Itna Pyar Dia Hai — Khoon Ki Pukaar (1978)

Shanu (Shabana Azmi) is seeking revenge against Sher Singh (Vinod Khanna) who allegedly killed father. Unfortunately, she also falls in love with him. Seen here, Azmi is making an innocent attempt at the gypsy dance. It would be unfair to compare her moves to Aruna Irani's, but fans would be thrilled to see Azmi in a different avatar.

3 Chand Chura Ke Laya Hoon — Devata (1978)

1978 also saw Shabana Azmi romance Sanjeev Kumar in the film Devata. While not great dancers, the actors shook a leg with gay abandon in the woods and the beach.

4 Kya Jane Yeh Duniya – Toote Khilone (1978)

Perhaps 1978 was the year when Shabana Azmi truly got out of her comfort zone and let her hair loose. In this soft electronica track, Azmi is seen shaking a leg with Shekhar Kapur (yes, that's him).

5 Sajnaji vari vari — Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd (2007)

Not parallel cinema, but a unique, romantic film in itself, Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd saw off-beat pairings, including Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani. Naheed (Azmi), a traditional, reticent Muslim is married to a carefree Catholic Oscar Fernandez (Irani). The ageing pair displayed some entertaining moves in this track.