Oct 03 2016

5 times Kay Kay Menon charmed us as a baddie

by   Keyur Seta

Kay Kay Menon scores a half century in life as he turned 50 on Sunday (2 October). Going by the performances he has given over the years, his score is much higher than that. He has been regularly hitting boundaries in various genres. Let’s revisit some of his impressive acts as the bad guy. 

1 Deewar: Let’s Bring Our Heroes Home (2004)

A jailor who looks after the prisoners of war is hardly seen in mainstream Hindi cinema. On top of that, Kay Kay Menon’s character was also cripple. But he brought in the fear needed with ease. In Deewar, he succeeded in the difficult task of speaking through expressions. Despite the presence of Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Akshaye Khanna, he managed to stand out. 

2 Sarkar (2005)

There is a scene where Kay Kay Menon, who plays a film director, watches the sting operation of his actress getting physical with her co-star. This makes him see red since he's lusting after her too. The clip isn’t shown to the audience because Menon’s expression of jealousy and fury say it all. This isn’t the only sequence in the film that speaks volumes about his talent. Another sequence is the one where he ticks Amitabh Bachchan off because of his abusive language while having a meal. 

3 Gulaal (2009)

Kay Kay Menon plays the Rajput leader who demands for a separate state for people of his caste. The film features a long monologue where he emotionally and angrily urges people to fight for the cause. His cries of ‘Jai Rajputana’ can move even those who don’t believe in such a mission. This scene is enough for one to get super impressed by Menon’s act in this underrated film by Anurag Kashyap.

4 Haider (2014)

Kay Kay Menon had to underplay his baddie-ness while playing the complex character of a Kashmiri fundamentalist who tricks his late elder brother’s wife (Tabu) to fall in love with him. One is made aware of his earnest performance from his entry scene where he sings a Kashmiri song for Tabu in his own voice. He reprised the character of Claudius from Hamlet, on which the film was based.

5 Baby (2015) 

Ever seen a terrorist justifying his worth by comparing himself to another terrorist? This is the highlight of Kay Kay Menon’s character in this film when he says, “Suna hai Kasab ko AC wala kamra diya tha yeh log ne. Us se toh zyada hi kiye hain hum.” He shows his talent yet again. It's just that his bad act gets overshadowed by the main villain, Maulana Rahman played by Pakistani actor Rasheed Naz. 

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