Oct 19 2016

Sunny Deol can dance saala — Birthday special

by   Keyur Seta

The name Sunny Deol is synonymous with action and fight scenes. The actor has been ruling the genre from the 90s till today because nobody hits the bad guys as hard as Sunny paaji does. But being an action star also meant that he was never appreciated for his dancing skills. However, that hasn’t stopped him from shaking a leg every now and then. As he turns 59 years old today (19 October), here are five songs through which Deol says that he can dance saala! 

1 Yara O Yara — Jeet (1996)

Think of Sunny Deol’s dance numbers and it is nearly impossible not to think of this song, even 22 years after the film released. More than the music, ‘Yara O Yara’ is known for Deol's famous dance step that probably sent tremors down those mountains on location. Jimmy Shergill did a spoof of the step in the recently released Happy Bhag Jayegi. 

2 Kero Mama — Arjun (1985)

This one is probably Sunny Deol’s first famous dance song. Nobody knew what Kero Mama meant, but the song instantly struck a chord with the audience. For props, the protagonists use hockey sticks, beams of a bridge, a BEST depot, bananas and even human hurdles. Not to forget the water pipe — after all, it was a time when Mumbai didn't face severe water cuts.

3 Jiyara Dhak Dhak — Salaakhen (1998)

Sunny Deol is usually not one we associate with ultra romantic lyrics. But, in Salaakhen he showed some awkward moves in the song 'Jiyara Dhak Dhak’ along with Raveena Tandon. Deol's head shake a ala a peacock and slow, controlled movements couldn't hide the energy Deol is usually known for. With scores of background dancers, the song had an ideal setup for someone like Govinda. 

4 Mera Dil Le Gayi Oye — Ziddi (1997)

This one could be Sunny Deol’s most energetic dance song. ‘Mera Dil Le Gayi Oye’ is also high on some catchy electronic music by composer duo Sameer Sen-Dilip Sen. After all those years of constant marching, Deol took his grace level up by half a point here.

5 Main Nikla Gaddi Leke — Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001)

Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, which is Sunny Deol’s biggest hit ever, is also known for the fun-loving dance song, ‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke,’ along with the famous pump scene. Deol is seen doing actions to the lyrics of the song, which is unusually long at 4.36 minutes.