Jan 01 1970

Are these really film titles?  

by   Mayur Lookhar

These crazy titles will have you laughing out loud. We haven't stopped

1 Ghar mein ho sali toh pura saal Diwali (2001)

It's hard to imagine movies with titles like these exist, but they do. Here is just a small sample of what we found with a little digging. Discretion is advised, as they may prompt you to spill your food while laughing.

'Ghar mein ho sali toh pura saal Diwali'. The title suggests that this flick is not meant for the entire family.


2 Khopdi – The Skull  (1999)

Horror as a genre provided B-grade filmmakers with a large amount of material. Filmmaker Rajesh Bakshi came up with this. It has some intriguing names in the credits too, with music by Ghulam Ali and Bhagat Singh (not THAT Bhagat Singh) listed as producer. It boasts the presence of B-grade star Sapna and Shakti Kapoor.

3 Shaitano ka honeymoon (1998)

This film was created in the South, then dubbed in Hindi, and features versatile south Indian actor/filmmaker Charan Raj, who some may remember as the murderer of Rajnikanth in Phool Banay Angaarey. The opening sequence alone guarantees a lot of laughs.

4 Murde ki jaan khatre mein (1985)

Who do the dead fear? God or human beings? This comedy starring Tun Tun, Paintal Jr. and Mehmood has the answer.

5 Badla sherni ka (2001)

How did this escape the eagle eye of PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)? Feisty Sapna turned ferociously sexy for the film.

6 Bhediyon ka samooh  (1991)

The title translates to 'a pack of wolves’. It just sounds funny in Hindi.

7 Raja Rani ko chahiye pasina (1978)

Little is known about this 1978 B-grade flick, but the title should go down in history.

8 Fun2shh: Dudes in the 10th century (2003)

Scripted in 2003 by TV-film actor Rajesh Khattar,  this boasts stars like Paresh Rawal and Gulshan Grover. Not that they make it watchable, of course.