Jan 13 2016

Imran Khan's lessons in getting the girl who's just not into you

by   Shriram Iyengar

Imran Khan, the nephew of Aamir Khan, the second coming of Sanjay Malhotra, has been on our radar for sometimes. Playing the obsessive lover-boy who just won't take no for an answer has become his forte. And no, that's not a bad thing! Here's a list of films that provide life lessons to broken hearted Bollywood fans.

1 I Hate Luv Storys 

The film began  Imran's stereotyping as the commitment phobic urban yuppie. Playing the role of an assistant director in Bollywood, who incidentally hates Bollywood, Imran falls in love with the one girl who is more filmy than Raj's Simran. So what does he do? He drops his principles like a bad script, and turns into the true filmy lover boy. Et voila! He gets the girl. Lesson 1: Principles aren't worth a damn thing in love, my bwoy.  They could've done a better job on the title though. Spell check, people! 

2 Break Ke Baad

What do you do when your girlfriend, who you've been dating since childhood apparently, decides to take a break from you? Well, if you're Abhay Gulati, you pursue her to the farthest corner of the earth or Australia. Stalker alert, you say? Pshaw! Just a little tender loving. Of course, renting a room in the same house that your girlfriend lives in could get you a restraining order, but such is the price of loving dil se.  

3 Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

In 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan', Imran takes the obsessive boy-lover image further by falling in love with the girl betrothed to his brother. Considering the girl is Katrina Kaif, you might think Imran would've noticed her before he began planning her wedding. So, what happens to the brother? Well, you get him hitched to his ex-girlfriend, which by the way is how the film begins. 

4 Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Lesson 4: How to get Friendzoned.  In 'Ek Main Aur Ek Tu', Imran meets a under-treatment Kareena at a psychiatrist's waiting room. A few drinks later, they are married at a Las Vegas chapel. Of course, better sense prevails and they call it off, only to go visiting their parents together. Then, they decide to stay 'just friends'. Confused? So were we. Even then, he still hopes to get back with her. Dude, you just got 'friend zoned', ain't no getting back now!  

5 Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

So, you have a crush on a girl who wants to be the next Medha Patkar? Step 1: Break up your impending marriage. Step 2: Follow the girl to said desolate village. Step 3: Build a bridge. No, really, build a bridge. If that doesn't get the girl to come after you and move back to the city, nothing will. It also helps that your dad is a rich millionaire, who educated you to be an architect, and can afford Audis as gifts for you. 

6 Katti Batti

if you are a shy, introvert struggling to understand your extrovert, over the top girlfriend, Katti Batti is for you. Stuck in a live-in relationship with Kangana Ranaut's character, Imran discovers suddenly that relationships are more than just kiss kiss bang bang. Cue familiarity breeding contempt and other things. That does not mean you break up. No sirree! You just persist as long as the girl does not take pity on you. The lesson endeth here, fellas!