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KG George retrospective: Tracking influence of Malayalam auteur's cinema on contemporary filmmakers

The retrospective at the Habitat Film Festival 2018 will begin with the screening of the documentary 8½ Intercuts: Life And Films Of KG George by Lijin Jose and Shahina K Rafiq, which looks at the legacy of George’s films.

about 1 year ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Tamil

4 reasons why you should not miss Thupparivaalan at the Habitat Film Festival

Thupparivaalan has everything you can hope for in a crime thriller, including a detective modelled after the legendary Sherlock Holmes himself.

about 1 year ago — Manigandan KR

Article Marathi

Why Ajji is difficult but essential viewing at the Habitat Film Festival

The gritty drama, which could very well be ripped from today’s headlines, offers a satisfying conclusion to its dark tale of revenge.

about 1 year ago — Sonal Pandya

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Habitat festival 2018 opener Drishtikone is a romantic thriller in every sense

The film offers palpable suspense and demands the audience's full concentration while watching as there are clues hidden in the subtlest expressions of the characters.

about 1 year ago — Roushni Sarkar

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Habitat Film Festival provides space for genuine cinema lovers, says programme director Vidyun Singh

The 13th edition of the festival, featuring a pan-Indian sweep of National award-winning and critically acclaimed cinema, begins in New Delhi today.

about 1 year ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Review Marathi

Redu review: Entertaining tale of loss with fine acting, visuals

Director Sagar Vanjari’s endearing drama of a poor man’s obsession with his radio is a laughter fest worth tuning in to.

about 1 year ago — Mayur Lookhar

Article English (India)

Watch The Hungry at the Habitat festival for Naseeruddin Shah, Tisca Chopra's masterclass

The stage is set for a red wedding in this updated adaptation of William Shakespeare’s older play.

about 1 year ago — Sonal Pandya

Article Hindi

About the Habitat Film Festival

The thirteenth edition of the capital's premier film festival is being held from 17 through 27 May this year.

about 1 year ago — The Cinestaan Team

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Habitat Film Festival: National award winning films, regional cinema make a stellar line-up for 2018

Gulzar, Aparna Sen, Devashish Makhija, Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, Miransha Naik, Jiju Antony are among the filmmakers expected to attend the festival.

about 1 year ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Hindi

'Festivals provide a platform to show films to an audience that is ready to be provoked'

Dita Rietuma, director of the National Film Centre of Latvia, spoke on the sidelines of the Habitat International Film Festival about showcasing Latvian cinema and the importance of festivals in promoting cinemas of the world.

about 1 year ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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A good film is made of things that you do not see on screen: Filmmaker Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh speaks of his latest documentary, Farewell My Indian Soldier, which looks at the experience of colonial troops during World War I from a non-Eurocentric perspective.

about 1 year ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

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Habitat International Film Festival 2018 opens with Cannes winner A Man Of Integrity

The 10-day film festival will see over 60 international films of various genres screened at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi between 23 March and 1 April 2018. 

about 1 year ago — Shriram Iyengar

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Let it go: Arunaraje Patil on her life and cinematic journey

Published by HarperCollins India, Patil's book recounts the challenges the first female technician to be trained at the FTII faced as a filmmaker.

over 2 years ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon


Wrapping up Habitat Film Festival: Film aficionados recount happy memories

The cinematic landscapes, experimental works and political reportage in various films presented an opportunity for the audience to connect with wider languages, issues and even locales as they explored India through cinema.

over 2 years ago — Aanchal Juneja

Article Kannada

They just want me to be silent: B Suresha on his love for cinema

In an exclusive chat with Cinestaan.com at the recently concluded Habitat Film Festival, the filmmaker talked about his idea of filmmaking and the straddling of three mediums — theatre, television and film.

over 2 years ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Hindi

4 reasons why you should watch Haraamkhor at the Habitat Film Festival

Directed by Shlok Sharma, this gritty look at an affair between a student and her teacher is both quirky and unsettling.

over 2 years ago — Sonal Pandya

Article Kannada

5 reasons to watch U Turn at the Habitat Film Festival

The 2016 film is being screened at the Habitat Film Festival on 28 May at 4:30 pm. We give you five reasons to watch the film.

over 2 years ago — Shriram Iyengar


Veeram director Jayaraaj: We can dream of anything and create it

In an exclusive interview with Cinestaan.com during the ongoing Habitat Film Festival in New Delhi, the director talked about his love for Shakespeare, his next film project and the responsibilities of using digital technology.

over 2 years ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon

Article Malayalam

Adoor Gopalakrishnan: It's only rubbish that sells

The veteran filmmaker said that today even television does not want worthwhile films while award juries are populated by film illiterates.

over 2 years ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon


Jaicheng Dohutia on his film Haanduk: Solutions start with you

The film, in the tribal Moran language of Assam, depicts the helplessness of a people who remain forgotten by the 'mainstream'

over 2 years ago — Sukhpreet Kahlon