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Kriti Film Club announces online screenings for International Peace Day

Lyari Notes and Dreaming Taj Mahal will be screened as part of the initiative.

Our Correspondent

On the occasion of the International Peace Day (21 September), Kriti Film Club announced the online screenings of two thought-provoking films, Lyari Notes and Dreaming Taj Mahal. Titled Peace Reels, the two films have been made available from 21 - 30 September.

Directed by Maheen Zia and Miriam Chandy Menacherry, Lyari Notes is a co-production between India and Pakistan. Through the lives of Hamza Jafri and his students, this film provides an insight into just what it takes to have a voice in an area known for gang warfare and a country where self expression and music is often drowned out by cycles of violence. The feature is a unique film project where two filmmakers Maheen (Pakistan) and Miriam (India) collaborate to string a new political discourse through music. 

Dreaming Taj Mahal by Nirmal Chander traces the life of Haidar, a taxi driver, who dreams of going to India to see the Taj Mahal. The choice doesn’t seem strange for a man who believes that “love is everything”. The only problem is he lives in Pakistan. Why is Haidar's dream so impossible to achieve? To see how Haidar's dream can be given a voice and what it means for all of us, the filmmaker travels from India to Pakistan.

The film was also screened at the 14th International Film Festival of Kerala, as part of the package of nine films in the section, Lifetime Achievement Award - Reena Mohan: Embodying a Myriad of Cinematic Realms that accompanied documentary filmmaker and editor Reena Mohan receiving the Lifetime Achievement award at the festival.

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