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PR trailer: A film about Canadian dreams and Punjabi culture

Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Mann, who are known for making films with social issues, have come together in this feature.

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In Punjabi cinema, there has been numerous films that portray the desire of Punjabis to migrate to foreign countries, chief amongst them being Canada. Veteran filmmaker Manmohan Singh’s latest film, PR (permanent residency) is the story of a man trying to make it in Canada for a personal reason.

The trailer begins with scenes of Punjab intercut with that of Canada. Rajveer (Mann) is desperate to go to Canada and takes the popular route via Mexico to get there. He is repeatedly asked why he wishes to go there but remains elusive. He starts working odd jobs and seems to be in search of a girl who came to Canada some years back. 

However, when he finds her, he gets a shock as she seems a far cry from the person whom he knew. There is also a love story track running alongside the main story so it needs to be seen how everything will pan out. Towards the end of the trailer, there is a cultural show with song and dance in full display, showcasing Punjabi culture in all its richness and values.

Both Manmohan Singh and Harbhajan Mann are making their comeback with this latest venture. They are known for making films with social issues and PR seems to be running along the same lines as well. From the trailer, the treatment seems to be a bit dated but the real test of the film, will be on its release on 27 May. 

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.

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