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Milind Shinde, Kishore Kadam to star in Kathputli Colony

The former has also penned the story, screenplay and dialogues. 

Milind Shinde and Kishore Kadam [File photos]

Our Correspondent

Director Dayasagar Wankhede’s upcoming Marathi movie, Kathputli Colony, stars Milind Shinde and Kishore Kadam.

Shinde has also penned the story, screenplay and dialogues. 

While not much is known about the plot, the makers have said that the film will have stories with which every Indian can easily relate.

The title poster of the film, which has just been released, contains sketches of various individuals, indicating that the film is about ordinary citizens. 

Speaking about the film and Shinde’s writing, Wankhede said in a statement, “Milind Shinde has written such a beautiful story that the moment I read it, I felt like I should immediately make a film based on it. The audience will be able to watch a realistic film which sets out to tackle a major issue aesthetically.” 

Before this film, Wankhede directed Copy (2019), which was his maiden feature, along with co-director Hemant Dhabade. That film also starred Shinde along with Pratik Lad, Anshuman Vichare and Kamlesh Sawant. 

Wankhede was also associated with Kay Re Rascalaa (2017) as a lyricist. Directed by Giridharan Swamy, the film was produced by Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures.