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Puneet Issar to play a filmmaker in the play Dhappa

The work of drama is based on the film industry of Mumbai in the 1950s. 

Our Correspondent

Veteran actor Puneet Issar will play a foreign-returned filmmaker named Shyam in the upcoming Hindi play Dhappa. Set in Mumbai [then Bombay] in the 1950s, the play has been written and will be directed by Akshay Mishra and produced by Aum Theatre Mumbai. 

Dhappa is about a struggling actor Kumar, who could never make it big in the film industry.

A statement from the makers read, “Along comes Shyam, a foreign-returned director who was going to film his dream project. Shyam soon becomes a friend and confidant to Kumar. Kumar is overjoyed about getting a chance to prove his mettle as a successful actor. But Shyam has other plans in mind.” 

Issar is known for playing tough characters in films and television serials. Hence, he is glad to have got a chance to play a soft-hearted character in Dhappa. 

He said in a statement, “It is an utmost delight working with Akshay Mishra and Aum Theatre Mumbai. My role in Dhappa is something that I have never explored but have always yearned for. I remember asking Akshay why he thought of me for the role as I have always played opposite characters. I always wanted to play a soft-spoken character but never got the opportunity. This young team is very close to me and they are my people. I am excited for everyone to see Dhappa and believe me, this magnificent play is here to stay!” 

Dhappa is being produced by Mishra and Sharon Chandra. The latter is also starring in the play along with Pavitra Sarkar and Anuradha Athlekar.

Issar has acted in over 150 films in a span of close to 40 years. He is also known for nailing the character of Duryodhan in BR Chopra’s iconic television serial Mahabharat. He was recently seen in The Kashmir Files (2022) and Jayeshbhai Jordaar (2022)

Dhappa will have its premiere in Mumbai on 18 June.