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Bhoy Peo Na trailer: Conflict with mother-in-law takes a spooky turn

Ayan Dey's directorial debut horror thriller stars Srabanti Chatterjee and Om Sahani.

Roushni Sarkar

In Ayan Dey’s debut film Bhoy Peo Na (2022), the conflict between a newly married woman and her mother-in-law takes a spooky turn.

Bhoy Peo Na stars Srabanti Chatterjee and Om Sahani as a lead pair for the first time. With Chatterjee’s narration, the trailer begins with visuals of the wedding of her character Ananya and Sahani's Akash. An eerie feeling prevails through the trailer because of the stillness in the background score and the visual treatment.

Very soon, Ananya begins to encounter paranormal occurrences at her in-laws'. But no matter how terrified she is; her mother-in-law tries her best to make her claims appear false.

Akash’s revelation about his mother’s overprotective attitude towards him and certain snippets of his mother deriving pleasure from Ananya’s misery make it more evident that either she has a role to play in scaring Ananya or she is simply determined to project her as a lunatic.

While his mother seems unstoppable, Akash finds himself in a fix when the police threaten to arrest them for domestic violence. Meanwhile, a priest helps Ananya with some antidote to counter the paranormal activities.

Bhoy Peo Na is slated for a theatrical release on 27 May. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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