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Chiro Sakha Hey poster: Tanushree Chakraborty, Ishaan Mazumdar share a deep bond

Directed by Argha Deep Chatterjee, the relationship drama features Barun Chanda and Mithu Chakraborty.

Roushni Sarkar

The first poster of Argha Deep Chatterjee’s upcoming romantic drama Chiro Sakha Hey was unveiled online on 5 March.

Starring Ishaan Mazumdar, Tanushree Chakraborty, Barun Chanda and Mithu Chakraborty, the film will tell the love story of a widow and a bohemian photographer.

Chiro Sakha Hey has been shot in the hills of North Bengal.

The poster features the protagonists Tilottama (Tanushree) and Ishan (Mazumdar) on the backdrop of a serene location surrounded by hills.

The image also reveals Mazumdar’s unusual look.

In the film, Tilottama, a schoolteacher who lost her husband seven years ago, deals with her loneliness and trauma on her own. However, life takes an unexpected turn when she gets introduced to the professional photographer and painter Ishan and his family. Tilottama not only begins to look at life through a fresh lens due to her romantic involvement with Ishan, but she also forms a beautiful bond with the family.

The poster conveys the essence of the relationship and the inherent serenity of the location emphasizes the warmth of their relationship.

Chiro Sakha Hey is slated to be released in theatres later this year.

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