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Anamika trailer: Sunny Leone plays intelligence officer gone rogue in this MX Player show

The eight-episode web-series, which also stars Rahul Dev and Samir Soni, has been directed by Vikram Bhatt.

Sunny Leone in Anamika

Keyur Seta

Porn star-turned-Hindi film actress Sunny Leone is known for her looks and has mostly performed only glamorous roles. But in Vikram Bhatt’s eight-episode web-series Anamika, she plays an intelligence officer who is believed to have gone rogue.

Going by the trailer for the MX Player show, Leone plays an agent codenamed M, who, while on a mission, suffered an attack of amnesia and now remembers only the previous three years of her life. She falls in love with Dr Prashant (Shehzad Shaikh) and starts living with him under the name Anamika. The two plan to marry soon.

Meanwhile, the intelligence agency is hell-bent in finding its missing Agent M since she has some vital information that can make things really rough for the agency and the government.

Sunny Leone seems decent in the action scenes in the trailer but struggles to emote, especially when having to mouth those heroic dialogues that are a staple of such shows. The rest of the cast, including Rahul Dev, Samir Soni and Sonnalli Seygall, are average at best.

The trailer lacks proper flow with an overdose of action sequences. The editor seems to have tried to pack in too much into the less-than-two-minute promo. You need to watch it two or three times to grasp the storyline.

Anamika will be streamed on MX Player from 10 March. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the show.

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