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Ikir Mikir, starring Rajatava Dutta and Rupanjana Mitra, to be released on MovieSaints on 4 March

Directed by Ratool Mukherjee, the murder thriller features Sourav Das, Apratim Chatterjee and Deboprasad Halder.

Roushni Sarkar

Ratool Mukherjee’s upcoming thriller Ikir Mikir will be released on MovieSaints, a distribution platform exclusively for independent cinema, on 4 March.

Starring Rajatava Dutta, Rupanjana Mitra and Saurav Das, Ikir Mikir is an investigation thriller in which a security guard gets murdered.

Mitra's character, Surasha, lives with her daughter and her husband is stuck in Bangalore due to the pandemic. The woman and Ranjan (Dutta), who lost his wife and daughter in an accident are the prime suspects in the murder case. As Das's character investigates the case, Surasha and Ranjan keep altering their testimonies and present different versions of the crime.

According to the director, the thriller takes an unexpected turn in the second half and highlights an important social issue that isn't discussed much.

“Ikir Mikir is a thriller that promises to keep its audience at the edge of their seats,” said Mukherjee. “Fortunately, that is the reaction we have received for our trailer and finally on 4 March, Ikir Mikir will see the light of the day.

“I am really excited and nervous too. But in the heart of my hearts, I am confident that our audience will receive this film well,” added the director.

The film features Deboprasad Halder, Anindita Raychaudhury and Apratim Chatterjee.

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