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Playing PL Deshpande in Me Vasantrao was challenging, says Pushkaraj Chirputkar

Directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari, the film is a biopic of legendary stage and classical singer Vasantrao Deshpande.

Pushkaraj Chirputkar and Rahul Deshpande in Me Vasantrao

Our Correspondent

The latest teaser for Nipun Dharmadhikari’s Me Vasantrao (2022) focuses on Vasantrao Deshpande’s friendship with renowned litterateur Purushottam Laxman aka PL Deshpande and some funny moments between the two.

The film is a biopic of the legendary stage and classical singer Vasantrao Deshpande, who has been portrayed in the film by his grandson Rahul Deshpande. PL Deshpande, popularly known in Maharashtra as Pu La, was a multi-faceted personality who was a humorist, actor, musician and filmmaker, among other things. Pushkaraj Chirputkar has played him in Me Vasantrao.

About playing PL Deshpande, Chirputkar said in a statement, “PL Deshpande was a man of many talents. He was an author, theatre personality, actor, story-teller, screenplay writer, director, literary figure and whatnot. He was well-versed with literature from the time he was born while Vasantrao Deshpande got his singing talent from his mother. I am fortunate to have got a chance to play such a great personality.”

He added, “As Bhai [another of PL Deshpande’s monickers] is revered all over Maharashtra, it was a challenge to play him. But Nipun helped me in the process. Bhai was outspoken and witty. He had great comic timing and I had to work hard towards that. I also had to put in efforts to look like him.”

About his grandfather and PL Deshpande’s friendship, Rahul Deshpande said, “I couldn’t spend much time with my grandfather. So whatever I know about him is from my family, relatives and those who came in contact with him. He and Bhai kept their friendship alive till the end. I have heard a lot of incidents related to them, which you will get to see in the movie. Bhai gave tremendous support to my grandfather in his journey. It was Bhai who made him believe that where there is darkness, there is also a ray of light.”

Three years ago, Sagar Deshmukh had played PL Deshpande in a biopic by Mahesh Manjrekar titled Bhaai: Vyakti Kee Valli (2019).

Produced by Jio Studios, Me Vasantrao will be released in theatres on 1 April.