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I am elated, says Imtiaz Ali on She (Season 2) featuring in Netflix’s global top 10 shows

The show stars Aaditi Pohankar as a police constable who is sent on a secret mission.

Aaditi Pohankar in She (Season 2)

Our Correspondent

The second season of Netflix’s show She is trending on the platform’s global top 10 shows. The Aaditi Pohankar-starrer has grabbed the seventh position in the top 10 shows of 11 countries within two weeks of its release and is also one of the most-watched non-English titles of the week. 

The platform has also claimed that She (Season 2) has been trending at number one on Netflix India’s top 10 TV list for the week and over 9.5 million hours of the series have been watched.

She is about Mumbai police constable Bhumika Pardeshi aka Bhumi (Pohankar) who is sent on an undercover mission to nab the drug kingpin Nayak (Kishore Kumar G). As part of the plan, she has to pose as a sex worker in order to attract Nayak or his men. It is during the mission that Bhumi becomes aware of her sexuality, which was repressed all these years after her ex-husband always accused her of being ‘cold’ in bed. Her awareness increases in the second season once she comes close to Nayak. 

Directed by Arif Ali, She also stars Vishwas Kini, Shivani Rangole, Suhita Thatte and Sam Mohan. 

Imtiaz Ali, the writer and showrunner of She, said in a statement, “I am elated at the response because I feel that the basic conflict of She is very subtle and internal. It’s about a woman who feels she has no sexual prowess and when she has to put on an act of being a sex worker as part of her call of duty, she discovers that the very thing that used to be her biggest disadvantage becomes her biggest weapon.” 

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Ali added, “Something that’s so internal and subtle has found traction with the global audience and that is a matter of great happiness and hope for me. It encourages me to come up with more interesting although subtle story ideas in the future.” 

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