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I observed real pimps to get into character, says She actor Rohit Kokate

Written by Imtiaz Ali, the actor said that the show brought him creative satisfaction after a long time.

Rohit Kokate and Aaditi Pohankar in She (Season 2)

Keyur Seta

Rohit Kokate is the latest addition to the Netflix series She, which stars Aaditi Pohankar. Directed by Arif Ali, the show is about a Mumbai police constable who goes undercover to nab a dreaded gangster who runs a narcotics empire.

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“I play Tipu, a pimp in a red-light area,” Kokate told Cinestaan.com. “It’s an interesting character. It’s something I have never done before.”

The actor says that She provided him with creative satisfaction after a long time. “I felt after a very long time that I was doing something good. I got satisfaction every day and in every shot. This is important for an actor. Before this show, I wasn’t enjoying my work that much. It was a relief,” he said. 

She is written by the well-known Hindi filmmaker Imtiaz Ali. “I've been a fan of his since Socha Na Tha (2005),” said Kokate. “I had a great time interacting with him. I had auditioned for two or three days before getting this character. There are some characters whom you need time to catch while others come to you easily. This one turned out to be the latter.” 

In order to get into the skin of the character, Kokate did way more than merely attend workshops. “I used my contacts in the police to observe how real pimps talk and behave. I took in whatever was important for my character,” he said. 

She (Season 2) is being streamed on Netflix.

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