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Bravehearts story Jaldi Lautna, Captain taught me how love can inspire you to explore your own strength: Anushka Kaushik

Directed by Happy Mongia, the short film, which is part of Dice Media’s army anthology series, also stars Varun Tewari.

Roushni Sarkar

Jaldi Lautna, Captain — the second short film from Dice Media’s army anthology series Bravehearts  — is about a late army officer’s wife who carries forward the legacy of her husband after he dies on the battlefield.

Directed by Happy Mongia, the short film stars Varun Tewari and Anushka Kaushik. The first story from the anthology series to be premiered was Masterji, starring Shakti Kapoor.

Jaldi Lautna, Captain revolves around the life of Vibha Sahay (Kaushik), wife of Captain Vikrant Sahay (Tewari), a senior-ranked army officer of the Assam Regiment. Vibha is left shattered after the tragic demise of her husband. However, the trailer revealed that instead of plunging into deep emotional distress, Vibha pulls herself together and prepares herself to serve the nation, inspired by the glorious career of her husband.

“Jaldi Lautna, Captain taught me how love can inspire you to explore your own strength,” said Kaushik. “It has also taught me that there will be circumstances in your life which could seem to be the end point but actually that’s just the start of another lap of your journey.”

Kaushik is grateful to Dice Media for giving her the script that did magic for her and a character which is going to live with her forever.

“I hope the viewers will connect with the love and sense of patriotism through the stories of Bravehearts,” added Kaushik.

Jaldi Lautna, Captain is a special project for Tewari, who himself comes from an army background and has seen both his parents serving the nation.

“It has been the closest project to my heart so far,” commented the actor. “To have actually witnessed how selflessly the families of our faujis live their lives, it was only fair to play this role of an army officer who believes in the fact that the women back home are the strongest ones he knows.”

“Having always believed that true strength lies within oneself, I am proud to be a part of this project," said Tewari.

“It's truly an honour to be a part of Dice Media’s Bravehearts and I hope the stories strike a chord with the viewers like they did with all of us when we created them.”

Jaldi Lautna, Captain is being streamed on Dice Media’s YouTube channel.

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